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Tip: Use Comments In Your Code

Use Comments

Tip: Use Comments In Your Code By Daniel J. VandeBunte Writing a successful program requires a clear thought process about what the program will do. One thing beginning coders should get in the habit of doing is using code comments to guide their thinking as they write their program. Every programming language I have ever […]

Tools – Script Editor

When using a Google text document or Google Sheets spreadsheet you can add Google Apps Script to the document to automate tasks. Go to the Tools menu and choose “Script editor.” Function By default the function in the “Script editor” is “myFunction.” You can leave the function name as “myFunction” or change it to something […]

Google Apps Script

Google Apps Script is based on JavaScript and allows you to customize Google Apps. Google provides some tutorials┬áto get you going with Google Apps Script. You will need to know a little JavaScript to code Google Apps Script. Google Apps Script is EASY You CAN code Google Apps Script even if you currently know zero […]