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Why and How I Learned to Code

Why and How I Learned to Code by Daniel J. VandeBunte This is going to be a long post. This post will tell a story, a true story, about how I got to a point in my teaching career where learning how to code felt like an obligation. And ultimately how it went from feeling […]

Handling Text Strings

Text Strings When writing a text string you place your text within single quotations. var cat = ‘The cat is on the porch’; Line breaks \n To create line breaks within a text string use \n. This slash is above the enter key. NOT the slash on the question mark key. Do not put spaces before […]

Repeat: Making a For Loop

google apps script for loop

The For Loop By Alice Keeler The For loop is the key to making code really useful. It makes light work of a tedious process of repeating something. Code for(var i = 0; i < 10; i++){ } What this says is for as long as the middle statement is true, run the code in […]

Tip: Use Comments In Your Code

Use Comments

Tip: Use Comments In Your Code By Daniel J. VandeBunte Writing a successful program requires a clear thought process about what the program will do. One thing beginning coders should get in the habit of doing is using code comments to guide their thinking as they write their program. Every programming language I have ever […]

Prompt User for Information

Prompt User for Information by Alice Keeler When using Google Apps script sometimes you need to ask the user for some information. First you need to call up the user interface for the app you are using. Prompt the user and then get the response. Here is some sample code for you to copy and […]

Combining Text and Variables

Combining Text and Variables by Alice Keeler One of the scripts I wrote changes the document title of student work to indicate it has been graded. To do this, I need to combine the text string ‘Graded’ with the original document title which is defined by a variable. Plus To join a text string and […]

#codenoob Ask A Question

Coding forums can be intimidating if the participants in the forum are experienced coders. Ask a basic question on Twitter with the hashtag #codenoob. #codenoob using Google Apps Script and I want to determine how many rows in Column B of a spreadsheet have data… — Alice Keeler (@alicekeeler) February 16, 2016

Sample Scripts by Alice Keeler

I started coding in Google Apps Script one year ago. I was surprised how easy it was to get started with coding Google Apps. In a nutshell, Google Apps Script allows me to create custom applications for Google Apps such as Google Sheets spreadsheets or Gmail. You need to know a TINY bit of JavaScript… […]