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Selecting a Random Winner

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Google Sheets: Select a Random Winner by┬áDaniel J. VandeBunte For my first post for Teachers Can Code I’d like to go through a fairly short google apps script I wrote called selectWinner. I wrote the script during the summer of 2015 to select a random winner from a group of teachers attending a professional development […]

Tools – Script Editor

When using a Google text document or Google Sheets spreadsheet you can add Google Apps Script to the document to automate tasks. Go to the Tools menu and choose “Script editor.” Function By default the function in the “Script editor” is “myFunction.” You can leave the function name as “myFunction” or change it to something […]

Sample Scripts by Alice Keeler

I started coding in Google Apps Script one year ago. I was surprised how easy it was to get started with coding Google Apps. In a nutshell, Google Apps Script allows me to create custom applications for Google Apps such as Google Sheets spreadsheets or Gmail. You need to know a TINY bit of JavaScript… […]